The Inconvenience and Freedom in Truth

Would you sacrifice truth for momentary pleasure or relief or success or fame?

It is a tough question to approach and although many of us would say no I think most of us, myself included, fall short of that in practice.  Truth is an extraordinary thing, it has the ability to put you on your knees in pain or in the clouds with joy.  It is as cruel as it is compassionate and always resolute in its justice.  It is not something that can be manipulated or adjusted to meet the needs or desires of an individual or situation.  Its nature is truly objective, absolute, and free of all frailty.  Yet we humans do everything in our power to try to bend it to our will, a fruitless exercise in pride.  An exercise that may create temporary relief but will only lead to ultimate destruction and darkness.

I fight my own battles with truth and in those brief moments of clairty I am able to see beyond my own selfish desires and embrace the absolute truth.  Even in that moment when it hurts more than we can bear we must cling to truth as our only lifeline, it must become our guide and we must not try to medicate, ignore or manipulate what is in front of us for the sake of sparing our ego.  No, it is in this moment of truth we must fall to our knees in pain but give thanks for the freedom in that pain.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32