The Cryptocurrency Bear Fallacy: 3 Reasons Why Warren and Fiat Currency Apologists Are Wrong

A list of global elites taking strong bear positions against cryptocurrency continues to grow by the day. The most recognizable in the news lately is Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet and his team at Berkshire Hathaway made sure to undress cryptocurrency at their recent shareholders meeting. What I find most interesting about Warren Buffet’s recent attack […]

Is Bitcoin A Fraud?

“Bitcoin is a fraud that will eventually blow up.  It’s worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed.” Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan CEO This quote marks an important time in financial history, the CEO of a global banking institution making objective claims about cryptocurrency.  What started as a white […]

The Economy Needs Fewer, Better Fintech Regulations

This story originally appeared in The Observer Dusty Wunderlich  |  Published June 25, 2017 The official line on the Great Recession is that it’s over. The economy has recovered, and brighter days are ahead for Americans who suffered through the worst economic spell since the 1930s. But those optimistic outlooks seem a bit overstated when […]

The Great Disruption: How FinTech Will Transform Banking

Abstract: The Great Disruption takes a deep analysis of the economic ripple effect created by the fractional reserve banking system. The harsh economic reality of the research is met with an equally uplifting outline of how financial technology will help to transform a broken banking system in the future.  Click on the link below to read […]