MoneyWi$er Podcast: Is Crypto the Currency of the Future?

The Young American Center for Financial Education is a great organization teaching young minds the importance of finance through practical application. The Center operates the Young Americans Bank which is the only bank in the world for kids under 21 years of age. The bank holds thousands of bank accounts for elementary up to high school age students and teach the kids how to practically handle their personal finances. I Recently had the opportunity to work with The Young American Center for Financial Education and the Colorado Department of Education on a new project.

Part of the collaboration between the Department of Education and the center was to launch a finance podcast run by students. The students are tackling a wide range of financial topics on the podcast that are relevant to their lives and future. The program coordinators and students reached out to me to discuss all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. I couldn’t think of a better topic than cryptocurrency to discuss with the young generation. Below is an overview and recording of the podcast. I was thoroughly impressed by these young students and they definitely left me excited about the future.

MoneyWi$er Podcast – Is Crypto The Currency of the Future?

Episode Overview: Alyssa and Carl try to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency in this episode that discusses how banks are starting to warm up to alternative currencies, how Bitcoin can actually help people in need and just how much a Bitcoin pizza is really worth. James and Kiki, high school students with wisdom beyond their years, lead the charge from the Young Americans Center as they interview Fintech Entrepreneur/Economic Theorist Dusty Wunderlich about the future of cryptocurrency.