Dusty Wunderlich is an entrepreneur and economist. Dusty’s current efforts are focused on research, management, and thought leadership for a select group of next generation financial technologies and economic models.

Dusty’s overall economic and entrepreneurial philosophy is based on Austrian economic principles and three white papers he authored titled “The Problem of Big Data: An A Priori Epistemological Approach to Technological Advancement”, “The Great Disruption: How Fintech will Transform Banking” and “A Case for Cryptocurrecncy: Commodity Money for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

As an entrepreneur, Dusty has led multiple companies and projects ranging from payments technology to blockchain development. Before his career as an entrepreneur, Dusty spent his time learning the markets working on private equity and M&A transactions. Throughout his career in finance Dusty has worked on over $1 Billion in transactions and growth.

As a thought leader, Dusty regularly speaks and writes on economics and entrepreneurship, his work has been published in Forbes, Mises Institute, Entrepreneur,, USA Today, and TEDx. During his personal time, Dusty is with his family in the mountains of Montana, studying philosophy, and training for his next mountaineering or backcountry hunting adventure.  For more detail please visit Dusty’s LinkedIn Profile.

“An entrepreneur can not be trained. A man becomes an entrepreneur by seizing an opportunity and filling the gap. No special education is required for such a display of keen judgement, foresight, and energy.” Ludwig Von Mises

Core Values

Below are Dusty’s core values as an entrepreneur, any project or company Dusty is working on will fall into one or more of the core values.

Capital Formation

The foundation of any free market economy is property rights which allows for capital formation. Capital formation is crucial to promoting investment and progress, it also rewards those in society that steward scarce resources most efficiently.

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Sound Money

A medium of exchange is vital to a market economy to make trade and profit calculation more seamless.  Sound money that is devoid of political or centralized influence is a pillar of a free society.

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Time Preferences

Time preferences are a reflection of human action and vital to correctly stating interest rates based on the subjective valuations of individuals. Interest rates gives vital information to consumers and entrepreneurs.

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Full Reserve Banking

Full reserve banking curates accurate time preferences and sound money by establishing a true supply of savings. The full reserve banks role in society is to protect the value of savings.

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Self Sovereignty

Voluntary and peaceful exchange is the landmark of a healthy society.  Protecting producers and consumers right to choose how to handle their property must be at the forefront of all governance structures.

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Pooling Risk

Pricing and pooling risk allows for communities of individuals to protect against loss and misfortune. Pooling risk is a market driven solution to societal safety nets.

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