The Entrepreneurial Crossroads

Entrepreneurship is a chaotic path that does not always go in the direction one thinks. This is the exhilarating part of being an entrepreneur. It is also what makes it an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience.  The path of unpredictability in innovation is one worth traveling.

As an organization grows it changes, the people within it change too.  At a certain point in time it no longer belongs to the early founders and trailblazers. It is at this moment a decision has to be made by some of the early visionaries on whether it still represents the purity of the original vision. Every founder and entrepreneur reaches this crossroads at some point in their career.

The process of building Bristlecone has taught me many amazing lessons about people and character.  Because at the end of the day entrepreneurship is all about people and their ideas. You learn how people handle change and evolve in the rapid pace of innovation.  You see the good, the bad, and the ugly in the process.  A process that is not always pretty but necessary in creating something new and exciting.

Over the past few months I met the proverbial crossroads and due to the shifting character within the organization and differences in strategic vision I have decided to leave Bristlecone Holdings for new opportunities.  This friction in vision is what molds innovation and entrepreneurs must respect this process.

I will leave this ever evolving entity in the hands of an executive team that has different ideas for the future of Bristlecone.  I look forward to seeing what a new set of ideas and strategy does for Bristlecone and wish them all the best.

I will greatly miss the daily conversations, ping pong games, and high pace environment I shared with the Bristlecone team.  When I reflect on my time at Bristlecone it will not be about the products or analytics but about the people and the great memories shared.

My passion remains in Fintech and I will be moving forward investing and incubating new ideas I laid out in my recent white paper, The Great Disruption: How Fintech Will Transform Banking.  This new direction has been pulling at me for quite some time now and I look forward to pursuing this new and exciting chapter in my career.  As I hit the crossroads I say goodbye to Bristlecone Holdings and set off on new entrepreneurial adventure at Alethia Holdings. More to come on this soon…



  1. If I can fit in this new paradigm, please keep me in mind. Al Lachner

  2. It was truly a pleasure to work for you and within Bristlecone. While my time there was short, it sure was a nice way to break back into the workforce. I’ll never find a place like it, so all other avenues will definitely pale in comparison. Thanks for the opportunity to see the world of financing through your eyes!

    1. Thank you Shannon for the kinds words and all your hard work. It was a pleasure working with you, if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

  3. Well put, Dusty. I too am experiencing the same and very much appreciate the perspective you have provided here. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Matt, always appreciate your support. If you ever want to grab a beer and trade entrepreneurial war stories just let me know. Hope you’re well my friend.

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