The Great Outdoors & Payments

The beauty of the free markets is their constant change and adaptation. As markets move from optimism to pessimism the market players adjust and change to the landscape. Sometimes completely unrelated industries converge during this process and create a new trend. The post-pandemic marketplace is an example of this very transformation. Two unlikely industries that […]

New Adventures in Southwestern Montana

My personal blog has been dedicated mostly to philosophy, economics and entrepreneurship. These areas of focus are a significant part of who I am but not exhaustive by any means. As an attempt to make this personal blog a better reflection of my worldview and personality I plan on expanding the content to include other […]

Economic Insights: 4th Quarter 2019

*The Economic Insights report is a snapshot of a broader in-depth research report created for private sector companies. The overall theoretical methodology behind the report can be found at the following link, The Problem of Big Data: An A Priori Epistemelogical Approach to Technological Advancement. For the full report or questions regarding methodology please go […]