Slavery By Vote: Confessions From a Disenfranchised Voter on Election Day

For years I used to get energized to vote and participate in a new election. I remember the day I turned 18 I registered to vote, I couldn’t wait to participate.  It could not be more opposite for me now, election days are sombering days. They are a reminder of the coercive nature of the State and what the lust of power does to men and women.

The propaganda from both parties tells me how important my vote is yet these representatives will do whatever is in their best self interest once they have that vote. As the State grows and special interests become more powerful voting has succumbed to betting on the random horse to win at the race track.

To say I am disenfranchised is an understatement. I now have a visceral reaction to the concept of the majority telling the minority what to do, it is nothing more than slavery by vote. The greatest minority in the world, the individual, has lost its voice to the all consuming State under the pretense of fairness.

Yet the propaganda machine and our family and friends will tell us this is the most important election of our lifetime. They will say our vote matters. It is the echo of power manipulating people to buy into a system that is not voluntary. It is the illusion of freedom.  Lysander Spooner’s words echo through history as we frantically rush to the voting booths to cast our vote in the most important election in our lifetime.

“A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”

However, I refuse to willingly give into defeat. I stand with millions of individuals in peaceful defiance through our daily voluntary interactions that move us forward.  I put my trust in the great individual minds and voluntary cooperation of individuals. The ingenuity and grit of the American people is what makes this corrupt system even viable. So today I vote for the small business owner, the researcher, the pastor, the entrepreneur, the volunteer, and the scientist…

This election will come and go and promises will be broken, corruption will continue but the American spirit of voluntary cooperation will overcome the woeful inadequacy of the State. And for that I am grateful for all the individuals, regardless of party, for your contribution. I do not believe in political leaders or parties, I believe in the American individual.




  1. Hi Dusty. I know you close with optimism and hope, but this is a surprisingly pessimistic article. Well done though and I commend you for all your other writings. I have been trying to keep tabs on everything over the years. Getting back to the election, I presume you support Laxalt.

    1. Hey buddy, great to hear from you and always enjoy seeing my long time friend pop up on my feed. Yeah, through the lens of philosophy and great historical thinkers my eyes have been opened. Much of that picture is much darker than it used to be but I’m happy to have gone down the path to better understanding. You are correct in regards to Laxalt. Adam has become a good friend and he has a ton of integrity, I trust him as a leader. I don’t vote for anyone I don’t know now and can say that I would follow their leadership in a private setting, he is one of the few exceptions. Hope you are well old friend!

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