In His Own Words: Dusty Wunderlich of DCA Partners

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly recently asked me to do an interview about my business, hobbies and interests.  The Northern Nevada Business Weekly is a great publication that does good work informing the region about business activities, I am honored that they would include me in their publication. In His Own Words: Dusty Wunderlich of […]

Forming the GWOF Mentor Program

I had the honor of addressing the University of Nevada Reno Business School during their awards ceremony in 2011.  I thought long and hard about what type of wisdom I would leave these successful students that would soon be entering the job market.  The value of mentors came to mind and how mentors have played […]

The UNR Sontag Business Competition: Dreams, Ideas, Innovation, Risk & Generosity

I was recently given the honor of judging the University of Nevada Reno Sontag Business Competition.  This competition was developed this  year when a former successful UNR alumni, Rick Sontag, donated $1 million to the school of business.  The $1 million donation was endowed and will award a $50,000 investment into the top business developed […]

Education and the Impact of Scholarships

When I started the Growing Worldwide Opportunity Foundation with Chris Genung in 2009 we both wanted to give opportunities to students that we did not receive ourselves.  Even though I was a student athlete and good student I had very little financial aid from scholarships during my undergraduate and graduate education.  So naturally when GWOF […]