Compulsory School Attendance: An Experiment in Cultural Assimilation

For centuries the western world has leveraged compulsory public education and attendance laws to promote cultural assimilation. In many cases the ends are different but the means are always the same, children. The virtue signaling and misguided altruism is nothing more than a mirage to distract from a specific political or social agenda. There is […]

Is The Millennial Socialist Confused?

I find it quite interesting that the Millennial generation has taken to Socialism and largely the biggest supporter of the Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  I find their actions and consumer behaviors indicate the exact opposite of the economic and political philosophies of Socialism.  However, when looked at objectively there really is not irony in […]

The Man In The Arena

Today we celebrate our great countries independence and I thought it was appropriate to post my favorite quote, The Man in the Arena, from one of my favorite leaders, President Teddy Roosevelt.  Teddy encompassed the great qualities of will, perseverance, honor and conviction that this country was built on.  We are lucky to have leaders like Teddy and […]