Finding Strength Through “Self” or “Grace”: A Short Analysis on the Differences Between Prayer and Meditation

In our culture it is now the norm to hear people say they are spiritual and not religious or they meditate instead of pray.  At face value this seems like a fair statement in a secular culture.  Let’s dig a little deeper into the above statements to unravel the true meaning behind the words, specifically […]

A Response to the NPR Evolution versus Creation Debate: Why Religious Thought & Science Are Not Mutually Exclusive

The Framework For Science & Religious Thought For the record, any debate putting science versus religious or philosophical thought is nothing but an exercise in vanity.  This is not an either/or issue, it should be about utilizing all forms of knowledge and disciplines to seek ultimate truth. I am sympathetic to the Atheist, I understand their frustration […]

Karma: What The Guru’s and New Age Aren’t Telling You About its Oppressive History and Philosophy

Would you judge someone based on events that happened earlier in their life or another life without any knowledge or evidence of those events? Would you accept that a person is in poverty or oppression because of something they did before you met them in this life or another without any knowledge or evidence of those […]