Is The Millennial Socialist Confused?

I find it quite interesting that the Millennial generation has taken to Socialism and largely the biggest supporter of the Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  I find their actions and consumer behaviors indicate the exact opposite of the economic and political philosophies of Socialism.  However, when looked at objectively there really is not irony in […]

I Don’t Care About Your Non-GMO Pesticide Free Local Organic Vegan Diet or Your Prius or Your Mindfulness

The Spiritual, Diet, and Energy Wealth Gap: Why Affluent Americans Are Clueless About The World! It is a daily occurrence to read about the latest spiritual, diet, or energy fad in the Western world all touting how this new advancement is making the world a better place.  Just remember, if you are not buying a […]

Saddle Up: How Your Startup Can Implement Ranch-Style Culture

(Originally posted on By Dusty Wunderlich The term “ranch-style culture” might call to mind the nostalgia of Western films, folk songs, and tumbleweeds. It’s an image that doesn’t seem to gel well with the fast-paced world of innovation and startups. But the wisdom of these rough riders offers more value to entrepreneurs than you […]

Education Arbitrage: Why Education is Making us a Less Intelligent and Productive Society

My business partner and I are products of the rural Nevada education system.  We are proud Fallon and Elko, Nevada graduates. I was a terrible student based on institutional standards to the point my fifth grade teacher wanted to place me in special education. With that said, my Nevada education was more than adequate for […]