I Don’t Care About Your Non-GMO Pesticide Free Local Organic Vegan Diet or Your Prius or Your Mindfulness

The Spiritual, Diet, and Energy Wealth Gap: Why Affluent Americans Are Clueless About The World! It is a daily occurrence to read about the latest spiritual, diet, or energy fad in the Western world all touting how this new advancement is making the world a better place. ¬†Just remember, if you are not buying a […]

Karma: What The Guru’s and New Age Aren’t Telling You About its Oppressive History and Philosophy

Would you judge someone based on events that happened earlier in their life or another life without any knowledge or evidence of those events? Would you accept that a person is in poverty or oppression because of something they did before you met them in this life or another¬†without any knowledge or evidence of those […]