It’s Not Just The Rich Who Are Getting Richer. The Poor Are Getting Richer, Too.

  This article was originally featured on Independent Journal Opinion.   No one can deny that American wealth disparity is a serious hot-button issue these days. Presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle are talking about this problem, and few have been more vociferous than Democratic U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. In a research paper […]

I Don’t Care About Your Non-GMO Pesticide Free Local Organic Vegan Diet or Your Prius or Your Mindfulness

The Spiritual, Diet, and Energy Wealth Gap: Why Affluent Americans Are Clueless About The World! It is a daily occurrence to read about the latest spiritual, diet, or energy fad in the Western world all touting how this new advancement is making the world a better place.  Just remember, if you are not buying a […]

An economic & political overview of Northern Nevada: It’s time to ask the hard questions

After the great recession of 2008 a lot of people had to reinvent themselves and think about what was next.  I was in that same position after the investment bank firm I was working for in Lake Tahoe shut its doors.  I was left with that terrifying yet exciting question of what was next.  As […]