How Behavioral Data Can Help Lenders Assess Consumers’ Credit

Published originally on Dusty Wunderlich | Thursday, 09 July 2015 14:35 (EST)   Traditionally speaking, credit reports define consumers. Good credit signals trustworthy borrowers; bad or little credit is defined as too high-risk. But these reports don’t tell the whole story. A once-reliable borrower might become seriously ill, incurring massive medical debt that forces him […]

How Tech Startups Can Make a Big Change in the Financial Industry

This article was originally featured on By Dusty Wunderlich It’s been a long time coming: The financial industry is being torn down and built back up from scratch, and this evolution is mostly being led by upstarts. You know, the ones that fancy themselves technology firms — not financial companies. Take LendingClub, for example. Probably the highest-profile success story […]

Silicon Valley Could be Ruining Fintech

This article was originally featured on By Dusty Wunderlich Remember that friend from college who never quite matured out of the “party every weekend” mentality? Who defaulted on every student loan? Who thinks a good job is measured by how well it accommodates hangovers? Facebook does. And it might ruin your chance to get […]