The Resurrection and the Trilemma of Truth

Many who know me or follow my writings know that I discuss the concepts of entitlement, protectionism, and privilege on a regular basis.  I have addressed these topics from a philosophical and economic view point often and believe these mindsets to be the foundation in our culture and economy currently.  I find these to be […]

The Entrepreneurial Crossroads

Entrepreneurship is a chaotic path that does not always go in the direction one thinks. This is the exhilarating part of being an entrepreneur. It is also what makes it an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience.  The path of unpredictability in innovation is one worth traveling. As an organization grows it changes, the people within […]

3 Financing Keys For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This story originally appeared on Entrepreneur Dusty Wunderlich  |  Published February 13, 2017 By design, MIT’s launch of “The Engine” last October gave aspiring entrepreneurs new hope. The venture offers startups funding, space and expertise. For companies in the scientific and technological sector, in particular, The Engine aims to put innovation ahead of profits by […]