Logos is the Greek word for logic but has had many different meanings at different points in history.  In the bible, the Christians referred to Logos as the word of God and from which all things were made. Aristotle recognized Logos at reasoned discourse, the logic behind an argument.  The Stoic philosophers interpreted Logos as the governing reason of the Universe.  Logos is deeply entrenched throughout history and represents logic, reason, and truth in some form.  I chose to call my blog Logos as a testament to a life long pursuit of truth through logical and reasoned discourse.

I believe the greatest pursuit in life is seeking truth and why I started “Logos” as a way to pass along my lessons, victories, defeats and life experiences I gain by seeking truth. I have been taught many great lessons from those that have taken the time to put words on paper and I think it is my way of giving back to those authors by doing the same.  I only hope that my words have the same influence as those I have drawn knowledge and wisdom from.


Dusty Wunderlich is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency trader-miner, and economic theorist. Dusty’s most recent endeavor is launching Sophia Intelligence, an economic think tank focused on research, investment, and thought leadership for the next generation of financial technologies and economic models. The overall economic thesis is based on a white paper authored by Dusty titled “The Great Disruption: How Fintech will Transform Banking.”

Prior to Sophia, Dusty led Bristlecone, a financial technology company which builds proprietary technologies and machine-learning algorithms to better serve consumers in the credit market. Before his career as an entrepreneur, Dusty spent his time learning the markets working on private equity and M&A transactions.

An avid student of the markets and advocate for new economic models driven by innovative technologies, Dusty is determined to drive social change by building better financial models. When he’s not in a passionate pursuit of disruption, Dusty is studying philosophy and training for his next mountaineering endeavor.